At Elmhurst-Chicago Stone we believe in the importance of giving back to the communities where we live and work.

You may only know us from the large concrete trucks you see on the road or at job sites, but we are also your neighbors, and we are dedicated to improving our communities through public projects and fundraising.



Check out some of our community projects

Carbon Cure Sequestration Program

Elmhurst-Chicago Stone’s commitment to our community is more than the projects we build, it’s in the materials we use. Not only does being local lower our emissions by less travel, we are also a part of the CarbonCure sequestration program. CarbonCure allows us to inject captured harmful CO₂ into concrete and turn it into a mineral that is permanently embedded. This mineralization also increases our concrete’s strength which benefits not only the environment but the product itself.

Elmhurst Quarry Flood Control

 The Elmhurst Quarry Flood Control facility, owned and operated by DuPage County, is an 8,300 acre-foot flood control facility, which has storage capacity of up to 2.7 billion gallons of water, utilizing a predetermined operating plan that diverts floodwater via a tunnel underneath Illinois Route 83.

When asked about the impact of the quarry, Jim Zay, Chairman of Dupage County’s Stormwater Management Committee said “I think it has saved taxpayers and businesses in DuPage County hundreds of millions of dollars.” Tours of the quarry are co-sponsored by DuPage County Stormwater Management, Elmhurst Historical Museum, and the Elmhurst Park District. Or you can take a look at the quarry from the observation deck built on Elmhurst-Chicago Stone property off Highland Avenue.

Whalon Lake

We are dedicated to reclamation and rehabilitation to restore the scenic character and usability of our former work sites. Whalon Lake is a perfect example, it was formerly a mining site, but through reclamation efforts now it’s a 249-acre preserve in the DuPage River Preservation system. The park is home to a variety of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, cross country skiing, and biking. Speaking of, next time you’re out at Whalon Lake take a closer look at the bike paths that connect Will and Dupage county and you’ll see they too are the fine work of Elmhurst-Chicago Stone.

Salt Creek Park

Elmhurst Park District’s second oldest park, Salt Creek, has been around since 1927. It was a 9.5 acre park and very popular because of its access to fishing and swimming in the creek. Then in 1991, Route 83’s expansion and a new parking lot shrunk both the size and enjoyment of the park. That is when Elmhurst-Chicago Stone donated a large lot to the Elmhurst Park District to increase the size back to a full 10 acres. Now a full park replete with ball diamonds, batting cages, picnic areas, and jungle gyms, we are very happy to have played a role in keeping this historic Elmhurst park a home for fun in our community.

The Ross K. MacNeill Foundation (R33M)

Dedicated to ending pediatric brain cancer, the Ross K. MacNeill Foundation was formed in memory of 11-year-old Ross K. MacNeill. He was a devoted hockey player (wearing the number 33) and of course a massive Chicago Blackhawks fan. Ross lived his life with joy, strength, courage and selflessness and it’s that selflessness that inspired his family to form the foundation. R33M has raised over $2 million dollars and we are proud to have been a small part of this amazing work. Elmhurst-Chicago Stone was honored to add the R33M logo to our trucks spreading the word of this amazing foundation throughout our community.

Elmhurst-Chicago Stone adds the logos of charities to the drums of our trucks at our cost to spread the word about these important charitable efforts all around the communities in which we work.